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Preventive Medicine

We provide well-child checks and adult care as well as sports physicals, scout physicals and Department of Transportation physicals. By establishing a relationship with a family practice provider, you are able to receive better and more personal care when an illness or injury arises, or if you should need any of the other services we provide, as described below. Call us today to schedule your New Patient Appointment!

Contraceptive Services

We provide contraceptive counseling for both men and women including medical and non-medical options. IUD insertion and removal are available. Vasectomies can be done right here in our Kuna office, after a preliminary office visit ensures that you are a good candidate.


We diagnose and treat most dermatologic diseases and can do biopsies to test whether cancer is present or for difficult cases. Removal of skin tumors can usually be done as long as a skin graft is not needed or extensive lesion is not present.

Geriatric Care

We are committed to helping all our patients live a long and healthy life and to maximize the quality of their lives at every age. In addition to preventive health, our clinicians have a great deal of experience working closely with hospice agencies and hospice patients, and they can help guide the families facing end-of-life decisions.

Gynecologic Care

We can take care of any non-surgical gynecologic needs, including most contraceptive options plus cervical cancer evaluation and treatment.


We provide the influenza vaccine (flu shot) and other immunizations for all ages. Call us for your appointment!

Minor Surgery

A variety of minor surgical procedures are handled right here in our office, including circumcision, intrauterine device (IUD) insertion or removal, vasectomy, minor skin surgery, laceration repair, fracture care, and foreign body removals.

Newborn Care

We will come to the hospital to check on your baby the day of the delivery and continue caring for them in the outpatient setting. Should NICU care be needed, we will coordinate with accompanying consultation by the specialist.


Non-surgical obstetrics with a focus on the patient�s needs. We deliver and see our own patients each time unless we are out of town. As a benefit of choosing a family physician for obstetric care, you can continue with us for your newborn's care following delivery. We deliver at St. Lukes Meridian Medical Center in Meridian.

Sports Medicine

Sports physicals, injury care and prevention, and fracture care including splinting or casting. We have been trained by the orthopedists who care for Boise State University and the Olympic ski team, and our clinician Dr. Foutz has taken sports medicine coursework to further sharpen his skills.

Urgent Care

We can take care of most medical emergencies, including fractures and lacerations and most infections. Visiting our office first will save you time and money. Since we know you best, we can usually discover the problem without the extensive testing or wait time involved in going to an emergency room. Please make an appointment.

Receive personalized, comprehensive care at Advanced Family Medicine of Kuna. Call 208-922-3355 to schedule your appointment!